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What is a "Cúl Camp"?

St. Patrick’s G.A.A. Club will host a Gaelic Football and Hurling Camp (often referred as “Cúl” Camps because “cúl” in Irish or Gaelic means goal) are, the official summer camps of the Gaelic Athletic Association (“GAA”). The camps provide boys and girls – between the ages of 6 and 15 – with an action-packed and fun-filled week of activity & games.  The Camp is designed to introduce boys & girls to the thrills and excitement of Gaelic football and hurling.  Whether a child is experienced or never played gaelic football or hurling before, the camp is designed to provide a rewarding and fun time.

These camps are held in every county in Ireland as well in the United States and many other countries where Gaelic sports are played.

Key features of the Cúl Camps are:

  • The camps are structured so that a different aspect of the game is worked on each day;
  • The program involves coaching specific skills of the game and the opportunity for children to put into practice what they have learned through small sided games.
  • On the last day of the camp a game will be organized to provide each child with an introduction to competitive games.
  • For more information, please visit the official Cúl Camp Website at https://www.kelloggsculcamps.gaa.ie/

When is the Cúl Camp?

Camp hours are 9:00 am to 3:00 pm, Mon, June 24 through Fri, June 28, 2019.

The camp graduation ceremony will take place immediately following dismissal at Noon, on Friday June 28th at the Gaelic American Club (“GAC”), 74 Beach Road, Fairfield, CT 06824.  All campers will receive Friday lunch at the GAC.

Where is the Cúl Camp?

The Camp is located at the Main Athletic Field of Notre Dame High School, 220 Jefferson St., Fairfield, CT. 06825

How Much Does the Camp Cost?


St. Patrick's members or G.A.A. Club members

First child in family $250
Each additional family member $200


Per child $300

What is included in the Registration Fee? The Cost (the “registration fee”) includes daily hot or cold lunch. Campers will also receive an official St. Patrick’s Cúl Camp uniform: jersey, shorts & socks. This registration fee may be paid through St. Patrick’s web site.


The cost of lunch is included in the registration fee. Meals will be provided by the Sacred Heart University food service contractor.  There will be a morning or afternoon snack break. Parents/guardians may provide a juice box, a piece of fruit, or some cookies that may be consumed in a short amount of time.  The Camp is a peanut free camp and campers are prohibited from bringing peanuts or peanut products to camp.

How Do I Register For This Camp?

Parents or Legal Guardians must register for their camp on St. Patrick’s website and upload, or submit, a health form for each camper:

Step No. 1 – Complete the online Camp Registration Form, with electronic or digital signature by a Parent or Legal Guardian.  Use of the electronic registration form is important because it enables St. Patrick’s to communicate with parents concerning important camp notifications.
Step No. 2 – Once you have submitted the online application, the registering parent will receive an email confirmation from St. Patrick’s with a hyperlink to upload the Healthcare/Exam Provider Form.
Please note that camp applications are deemed incomplete without receipt of the HealthCare/Exam Form that has been properly completed by the child’s pediatrician or approved healthcare provider. Pursuant to Connecticut Statutes and Regulations concerning youth camps, no child may participate in this camp without receipt of the Healthcare/Exam Provider Form.  There are no waivers of this requirement.

In the event that you are unable to upload the health form, you can mail the health form to  St. Patrick’s  G.A.A. c/o 532 Jackman Avenue, Fairfield, CT 06825 or scanned and sent to  .


Payment Options

On-Line Payment Option

Submit payment via St Patrick's website secure on-line payment system. Checks may be mailed to St. Patrick’s at the address listed above.

Cancellation Policy

Any program may be canceled because of insufficient enrollment or other reasons, in which case the registration fee would be fully refunded. Parents, legal guardians and campers waive any and all damages that may otherwise arise out of any camp cancellation and agrees to accept as liquidated damages said registration fees.

Parents or guardians may cancel at any time prior to first day of camp.  Cancellations, and requests for refunds, must be sent via email to . St. Patrick’s G.F.C. reserves the right to issue refund checks up to 90-days after the last day of the camp (June 28, 2019). The following refund schedule shall apply to any canceled registrations:
Cancelations and requests for refunds received by:

Date Refund Amount
May 1 100%
May 15 75%
June 1 50%
June 9 25%
June 24-June 28 None

If the camper subsequently fails to attend, withdraws, experiences incomplete attendance for any reason, or is dismissed; no refund of any registration fee will be made.


Parent/legal guardians are responsible for transportation to/from Camp.  All camp activities will take place on the campuses of Notre Dame High School and Sacred Heart University. 
Recognizing the possibility of physical injury associated with Gaelic games and in consideration for the St. Patrick’s Gaelic Football Club, Inc., the NY Minor Board GAA, and its affiliates accepting the registrant for participation in its program and activities, parents/legal guardians or heirs, executors and administrators  release, discharge, hold harmless, waive and forever discharge and/or otherwise indemnify St. Patrick’s Gaelic Football Club, Inc., the NY Minor Board GAA, and its affiliate organizations and sponsors, their employees, associated personnel, volunteers, coaches, and trainers, and all other persons associated with the implementation and functioning of the program or camp, including the owner of fields and facilities utilized for the program or camp against any and all claims by or on behalf of the registrant as a result of the registrant’s participation in the Programs, including claims resulting from any injury, death or property damage and transportation, to or from the same camp or program, which transportation I hereby authorize.  As the parent or legal guardian, you must attest that the participant has received a physical examination by a physician and has been found physically capable of participating in the program or camp.  You also must give your consent to have St. Patrick’s G.F.C., the NY Minor Board GAA, and its affiliates provide the camper or participant with medical assistance and/or treatment and agree to be responsible financially for the reasonable cost of each assistance and/or treatment and agree to not seek indemnification or recoupment of expenses related to such provision of medical assistance or treatment.