Home of St. Patrick's Gaelic Athletic Association in Fairfield County, Connecticut

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St. Patrick’s GFC is the fastest growing Gaelic football club in the tri-state area.  The club, headquartered in Fairfield, Connecticut, was created in 2003 to provide training, instruction, and athletic competition in Ireland’s favorite sport, Gaelic football.  Prior to the Club’s inception, children and adults interested in learning or competing in Gaelic football had to travel to clubs located in New Haven or New York.  In just a few short years, the Club has grown dramatically from four founding members to over 150 members and five teams in youth (Under 8 through U-14) and adult levels.

The club is a member of the New York Minor Board of the Gaelic Athletic Association (“GAA”), the sport’s governing body, and is the only Gaelic football club in Fairfield County, CT.   From our youth teams to our Senior team, St. Patrick’s members come from towns and communities throughout Fairfield County.  We are especially proud of our support of the Gaelic for Girls initiative that is designed to develop an interest in Gaelic football among girls and young women.  The Club is also non-sectarian and welcomes members of any race, religion, ethnicity, gender, or orientation.

St. Patrick’s is a nonprofit organization, recognized under I.R.C. 501(c)(3), whose sole mission is to promote Gaelic football in Fairfield County.  We firmly believe in corporate governance with keen oversight from a Board of Trustees that is complemented by dedicated officers and volunteers.  Under the solid leadership of our Chairman, Mr. Niall O’Neill (native of Co. Carlow) and Vice Chairman, Paddy Coyle (native of Co. Tyrone), the Club has implemented its “2010 Campaign Plan” with ambitious goals that are deeply rooted in our mission:

  • Instill a love of Gaelic games and a spirit of sportsmanship and fair play
  • Provide top-notch training and instruction in Gaelic football from basic skills to advanced techniques
  • Compete at the highest levels in the GAA

2009 proved to be a pivotal year in the Club’s history.  On the playing field, the Under 12 team won the Donnelly Cup (created and hosted by the Club in loving memory of Tim & Kim Donnelly) and competed in the U-12 Championship game at Gaelic Park.  Although St. Patrick’s did not “bring home the Cup,” the game proved that St. Patrick’s are serious contenders in tri-state area Gaelic football.